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Tehran Internet company since 1999, has begun its activities with the aim of improving the quality and increasing penetration of telecommunications services , in field of the distribution of phone cards , international Internet , telecommunications services and consumer goods in the country, customer-oriented policies of their own times and creativity is placed in service . Now the company to improve and expand sales of these products has started to electronic-sell products, and as the largest organization of capillary distribution of telecommunication and Internet cards in the country , have been achieved :
  • Irancell official representative sales and after-sales service agent - Taliya distribution representative (since 2004 )
  • Telecom sales representative in Tehran on telephone cards (since 2001 )
  • Payam-gostar exclusive agent in the country (since 2004 )
  • Farhang-azma exclusive agent
  • AvabRid exclusive agent
  • Respina exclusive agent
  • Pars Online representative, and the best distributor (between 2003.2004 and 2005 )
  • Hamrahe Aval electronic-seller representative and Elkapardaz exclusive representative (years 2004 to 2007 )

We hope that efforts and ingenuity of human resources and their managers , achieve customer satisfaction and improve the delivery of services . Nowadays, electronic services and mobile payments help decrease wasting of time, energy and cut costs. Any organizations and institutions in a way to increase customer satisfaction and to facilitate financial transactions have taken the above measures. In according that , USSD code * 780 # -is covered by the Tehran Internet holding and cooperation with the Pardakht novin Arian (Under supervision of Eghtesad novin bank and licensed by Shaparak and Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran)- is proud to offer a variety of infrastructure and payment services by cellphone. * 780 # mobile network service is available for customers around the country freely. To use this system even no need to install any software on the mobile phone or using smart phones, just to have the second password of your bank account. Services available to all users has bankcards of Shetab network. Coverage: Subscribers of all three operators in all provinces

Company Services

MTN combination packages

Combination packages (including net calls and SMS + mobile Internet) Combination packages include several volumes of calls and SMS within the network with high-speed Internet net in the form of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, six-month and one-year MTN subscribers can be purchased through the code # 780 *. Net users can log in to recharge menu (dial code * 780 * 2 #) and a combination menu (Row 5) or direct dial *780 * 2 * 5 # code to activate the package of action.


The dial # 780 * Lines can easily MCI - MTN - Prepare Rightel charge. You need to do your second password from the ATM of the card issuer bank and by dialing the code * 780 # to enter the options menu Hafhashtad and select the second option "recharge", or dial * 780 * 2# on your phone.


to pay Mobile bill or bills for services (water, electricity, gas and telephone) Dial *780*3# or after dialing *780 # ,Dial number 3 gave the following menu to choose your desired service : 1. Mobile bill 2.service bill 3. MTN wimax 4. Asia Tech ADSL Note that to pay the bills, you should have your ID code bill payment.

MTN internet packages

Internet packages greatly reduce the cost of people use the Internet on their mobile. Hence, to buy a variety of packages daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and long-term (6-month and annual) dial * 780 *2 * 4 # through Irancell. With this code and select the desired time package, a variety of packages available for purchase (in terms of volume and value) are shown in this time period can be given a package with the purchase of the package be turned on.

Invite your friends!

There is another option called invite friends in bonus menu (*780*4*3#), users can invite their friends and perform transactions through Hafhashtad and give extra charge.


By using Hafhashtad, you can easily help those in need! Every moment that you have decided to do charity, respectively dial *, 7, 8, 0, *, 0, # then select the option charity. Now select the instituted.

The payment

The payment and receipt of funds is one of the most important and influential customer and vendor experiences when doing a commercial transaction like buying from a shop, terminals and so on. The client (natural / legal) and on the other side could easily pay the fee paid quickly and directly deposited to the account of the seller or service provider, a pleasant experience for both sides. Hafhashtad To fulfill this objective ,offers rapid and convenient method for business owners (including distribution companies, sales or service centers). From now on, any organization or enterprise customers can instead of paying cash or paying through terminals (POS), simply dial * 780 * recipient-making # code (code acceptor code for each company) without additional costs and without wasting time ,the amount to be paid quickly and directly to the correct account. After making a deposit, a message containing payment information such as adopters and payment confirmation code will be sent to the company and the customer. There is also the possibility to participate by logging into your account on micro-transactions Hafhashtad can be viewed online

The quickest way to buy credit

In this way only after dial * 780 * # enter your bank card number, second password so you can easily charge your account .

Vision of , *780 #

  • Policy:customer orientation, according to their satisfaction and belonging in their faith by providing various and updated services
  • Mission:using USSD technology to provide mobile payment services to save time and costs, and the welfare of citizens and conceding receptivity codes to organizations, in order to improve serving its customers.
  • Vision:become the largest and most specialized in the field of mobile payment service provider in the country.
Field of * 780 # service

Various services and updated in the context of mobile payment includes the purchase of charging, paying bills and buying packages online Mobile value-added services such as design competitions and various surveys on mobile platform concede receptivity and promotional codes to sell and advertise products to companies Various services like receptivity charity, civic services, student services


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